How to Migrate From Windows to Linux


As the vast majority do,when I began utilizing Linux, I made separate parcels for Linux and utilized Lilo or Grub to boot either into either Windows or Linux, as indicated by the distinctive occupation prerequisites. Product keys for Win 7

I regularly utilized my PC during the day in an organization that pre-owned Windows applications in a Windows based LAN and along these lines I ordinarily needed to boot in Windows during the day to work with my

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partners though at home I would boot primarily into Linux. This methodology has a couple of disservices as follows:

My work messages were in Microsoft Outlook and I needed to boot under Windows to get to them.

I utilized KMail (and later Mozilla Thunderbird) for my own messages and I needed to boot under Linux to get to them.

I could get to Window envelopes from Linux and duplicate information from Windows, however I was unable to get to any Linux catalog from Windows.

I arrived at the resolution that there ought to have been a superior method to utilize my PC and I searched for an answer that would permit to get to both Linux and Windows applications without rebooting.

I examined a portion of the accessible items. I found that the wine or CodeWeavers Crossover upheld most basic Windows applications, however some different ones would not work. VMWare looked fascinating, yet I liked to use up to this point Win4Lin (initially created by Netraverse to help just Windows 95, 98 or ME and later overhauled by Virtual Bridges to help additionally Windows 2000 and Windows XP) however this item is did not redesign anymore and bolstered,

I needed to discover a substitution lastly chose to introduce Virtual BOx, a virtualization stage initially created by Sun Micro Systems and later upheld by Oracle, after its procurement of Sun.

Some great points of interest that I found in Virtual Box are the accompanying:

VirtualBox 3 is a work area virtual machine application utilizing a “Type 2” hypervisor that requires a good host working framework (Linux, Windows, Macintosh, or OpenSolaris) and PC equipment dependent on x86 or AMD64/Intel64 to work

The establishment of Virtual Box is quite direct, yet there are a couple of issues that I will portray later.

You can without much of a stretch introduce a wide range of Operating frameworks and the exhibition is quite acceptable. You can peruse a rundown of the bolstered Operating Systems at

Making a VM is quick and simple, on account of a VM creation wizard that makes you stride by-step through making your visitor VM.

Introducing Virtual Box

Virtual Box can be downloaded from, however I didn’t need to download it in light of the fact that the product is incorporated with my Linux circulation (OpenSuSE 11.3).

You will discover a lot of documentation at Technical Documentation page.

The establishment is entirely simple, however you should make sure to physically include the clients who will get to Virtual Box to the unique client bunch vboxusers. This should effectively be possible in OpenSuSe by utilizing the security and clients choice of Yast.

Utilizing Windows under Virtual Box

I introduced under Virtual Box just Windows XP on the grounds that my principle reason for existing was to make a coordinated Desktop condition where I could undoubtedly get to both Linux and Windows applications

One significant prerequisite for a decent combination is to have the likelihood to access from Windows likewise Linux indexes on the grounds that this permits to move information between the two conditions.

Tragically this isn’t easy to accomplish. Virtual Box permits to announce Shared Folders which can be gotten to from both Linux (have working framework) and Windows (visitor working frameworks). I pronounced my Linux home index as a common envelope, yet when I began Windows the mutual organizer was not noticeable in the adventurer. This issue and its answer will be better clarified in a different point.

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